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13 Year Old Mad At GMO Candy Did Something MAJOR About It

This home-schooled teen was frustrated so he researched, rallied a team together, and solved a BIG problem for us all.

Most of us like “junk food” especially candy but if you have selected a dietary preference for your health and long-term well being, candy has probably been a cause of frustration.  It was probably the first thing to leave the cupboard when you changed foods.

Nick and his team at “Unreal” candy may have fixed the candy food group with a few recipe tweaks and a complete ingredients list make over.  Check it out: no GMO, no artificial anythings, gluten free, corn and soy free, even vegan.


Find out what and how this teenager became an entrepreneur who “unjunked” a sweets problem for many of us.

Read through this article and watch the videos.  Share what you think.

….There are few things in life more frustrating as a kid than getting your Halloween candy thrown out, but that’s exactly what happened to Nicky Bronner. At age 13 his father Michael took a good look at the “junk” he brought home and decided it would be better for his son to just skip the candy altogether. … “Five years ago I came back from trick-or-treating and had all my Halloween candy and my parents took it most away, so I wasn’t very happy,” he said. “I decided to do some research on why are these candies so bad for me, and what I learned led me to start this company Unreal.”  candy-unreal-tree

Now listed as the co-founder along with his father Michael, a millionaire investor, and his older brother Kris, Nicky said that the disappointment of not being able to eat his favorite candies set him out on his quest. He learned that “stuff like partially hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors, GMOs, chemical preservatives and loads of sugar, aren’t there to make it taste better,” according to the company’s website. “They help make it cheaper to produce and last longer on shelves.”

Nicky began testing out recipes along with his brother and father, going on a hunch that he could make healthier versions of favorites like Snickers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that were GMO-free, natural and better tasting with even less sugar. His goal was to get the big companies to “pay attention and change their ingredients.”…

“We cold-called chefs and told them we wanted to change the world by reinventing America’s favorite junk foods, starting with candy,” Kris said in a 2013 TEDxTeen talk.

“…this is how you change the world…”

At the end of the day candy is still candy, but without the GMOs, hydrogenated oils, and other unnecessary additives and processes it can be just as tasty without doing as much damage to your body, Kris said. “We’ve removed up to 40 percent of the sugar, and increased the protein and fiber (with recipe changes).”

… all of their ingredients are documented as being non-GMO. Recipes are always being tweaked and the products now use more organic ingredients, are gluten-free, soy-free and corn-free, and include vegan options as well.

…Unreal is impressing a whole new generation of people who simply want their favorite candy without the junk – including …

See who’s endorsing Unreal: atheletes, models, doctors, kid testers, etc.

…. the company is in over 2,000 stores nationwide and sells their products online. …

“Our mission is bigger than our product,” Kristopher Bronner said.

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