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Vegan Movement 2015 Review [VIDEO]

Veganism has evolved from a fad to a Movement as shown by it’s broad reach of awareness and action around the globe.

2015 was a big year of massive awareness and action for the benefits of a plant based (vegan) lifestyle.  Many numbers involving vegan principals have jumped leading manufacturers, food franchises, celebrities, athletes, world leaders, medical centers, etc. to take notice and make changes in the way they conduct business.

There has been noticeable chatter in main media, more social media sites, many more books and cookbooks, restaurants and food makers menus, and many many more medical professionals recognizing and encouraging vegan philosophies.

During 2015 more actions were taken and organizations were formed to help animals, improve our environment, and focus on public health than ever before.

2016 is expected to be an even bigger year for Vegan awareness and vegans everywhere can know they are involved in a “health, environmental and social justice Movement” not just a fad.

To see many 2015 Vegan results watch this video.  Do share your thoughts!

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