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50% Discount To Muslims And Jews Who Dine Together

If violence creates violence maybe hummus can create peace?

Hummus is an ancient versatile dish made primarily of chickpeas.  One of the earlier known recipes dates back to 13th century Cairo.  Today many regions and national groups originating in the Middle East and North Africa claim it as ‘their’ dish.

The “Arab-Israel conflict,” is not quite as old as hummus, involves complex religious and nationalist aspects.  Over the past century there have been many flared up conflicts with deaths on both sides.  Currently there is no peaceful resolution accepted by both sides but that doesn’t mean any peoples involved can’t keep trying for peace in their immediate vicinity, their table.  That is exactly what this Hummus Bar in Israel is doing.

Read through this article and share what you think.

The owner of a cafe in central Israel is attempting to bring people together in the conflict-laden region over hummus.

Kobi Tzafrir is providing a 50 percent discount to Jewish and Arab customers who eat at the same table at the Humus Bar, his restaurant in the town of Kfar Vitkin, Al Jazeera reports.

Their Facebook post (translated from Hebrew) reads:

“Scared of Arabs? Scared of Jews? With us there are no Arabs! But also no Jews … With us there are only human beings! And real, wonderful Arab hummus! And great Jewish falafel! And free refills on all hummus dishes if you’re Arab, Jewish, Christian, Indian, et cetera … Special discount: 50% off on hummus dishes for a table where Jews and Arabs are sitting together! *Valid Sundays through Thursdays.”

Customers have responded positively ….

This could be a the spark towards peace!

Humus Bar Facebook Page

Hummus Recipes:

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