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Black Mambas Save Rhinos [VIDEO]

One rhino is killed in Africa every 8 hours to poach its horn wanted for mythical powers.

At this rate rhinos will be extinct in less than 10 years.

In South Africa at the Balule Nature Reserve, near the Kruger National Park, they are taking a proactive role getting the locals involved.  Besides education at the local schools and villages the reserve has formed and intensely trained an anti-poaching unit called the Black Mambas (named after the most feared snake in Africa).

South Africa, 2015
South Africa, 2015

What is so unique about this group is the vast majority of the unit is local women. These women are challenging traditional customs and proving they can do this “man” job.  And according to many they are doing the job better because they have a mother’s passion and the patience for the details of tracking. They passionately want to protect their national heritage!  In 2015 they were awarded the United Nations environmental “Champions of the Earth” award.

To hear why the women are risking their lives watch this video:

Results since their inception (2 years) are:

  • destroyed 12 poaching camps
  • destroyed 3 meat camps
  • 76% reduction on snaring & poisoning activity

Some say there is only 3-5 years left to take serious action to save the rhino species.

To learn more about this gentle giant and the market demand for their horns watch this video:

To spend more time with the Black Mambas during activities watch this video “Beauty Saving the Beast”Warning: Some of the images are graphic in nature.

How Can You Help?

Go to the Black Mambas website to donate, sponsor a Mamba, fundraising opportunities, or brand products.

“You can be a champion for the earth by starting to protect what ever is in your yard,” Black Mamba anti-poaching unit member.