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Better Taste, Affordable, Accessible – Change Will Happen

See how Hampton Creek’s (“Just Mayo”) CEO is proving his philosophy works.

If you haven’t heard yet, “Just Mayo” is a plant-based egg replacement product challenging standard egg mayonnaise spread for grocery shelf space and consumer preference.

After the recent epidemic level avian flu outbreaks in the poultry industry triggered poultry farms to exterminate millions of chickens and turkeys, the egg industry experienced sky rocketing prices.

Is it just egg price timing that “Just Mayo” is gaining ground?  Is the vegan (plant-based) food preference just a fad?  Are more plant-based food products on their way?  What’s up with the SF based Biologists with Chefs cooperation company Hampton Creek?

Answer for yourself with the article below.  Share what you think.

Walmart … now sells more of Hampton Creek’s vegan mayonnaise than any other retailer—including Whole Foods.

It’s easy to attribute the sales difference to sheer size… Whole Foods has about 400 locations in the US, Walmart has more than 4,000, …

… the fact that Walmart is widely stocking an eggless alternative to traditional mayonnaise says something meaningful about Americans and their growing predilections for new, plant-based versions of items normally made with animal products….  justmayo-dip

… Compass Group, which serves more than 4 billion meals a year in locations like schools, hospitals, and event venues, uses Just Mayo for most of its mayonnaise needs.

“Conscious consumers will only get you so far,” says Tetrick. “But if you create something that tastes better, that’s affordable, and make it easy for everyone to access, that’s how change is going happen.”

“Just Mayo” scores a 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon and a 5 out of 5 on, … (“I wouldn’t have ever known this was eggless mayo if someone hadn’t told me,” wrote one Amazon reviewer.) …

Cost is another reason shoppers and big buyers are choosing Just Mayo. On the supermarket shelf, it’s priced competitively. On, a 30-ounce jar of Just Mayo sells for $3.48, the same price as a 30-ounce jar of Kraft’s Mayo with Olive Oil, and $0.50 less than Hellman’s. With this year’s avian flu outbreak and the higher egg prices that followed, Hampton Creek says inquiries into its product skyrocketed, as new customers like 7-Eleven hopped on the eggless bandwagon.

The competitive threat Hampton Creek poses is being taken seriously by the egg industry. ….

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To see more about this plant based egg replacement company, Hampton Creek, view “Are You Ready For Plant Based Eggs?”  [VIDEO]

P.S. – Hampton Creek does have more products on the way.  See above video link.

To get your own “Just Mayo” click here.

“Just Mayo” Recipes

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