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What Can’t Coconut Oil Do?


Culinary, personal care, health aide, pet care, home maintenance … But what is the most beneficial type coconut oil?

You are either in the group who LOVE coconut oil and use it for everything or the group who haven’t used it yet while waiting for that one last reason to try it. No matter what group you are in, listed here are some benefits and uses of this amazingly versatile plant-based oil that you should experience for yourself.

Coconut oil is a “superfood” known as a culinary wonder as it is used for stir-frys and sautéing, due to it’s high heat tolerance, as a substitute for butter in baking, for it’s mild flavor, or in smoothies as an energy supplement, to name a few. And though it is occasionally criticized for being a saturated fat did you know coconut oil offers many many health benefits?

Due to its high level of lauric acid, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties coconut oil contributes to aiding in: reducing cholesterol; preventing liver, kidney, gall bladder and digestive tract diseases; balancing blood sugar levels; improving mineral absorption; improving skin and hair issues; dental hygiene; and …. the list goes on and on. Coconut oil can be used internally and externally. More uses in the additional list below.

But …, not all coconut oils are created equal. There are lots of confusing labels out there so here is a short and simple way to remember which words you want on your coconut oil label. First, organic so you have no additional pesticide or harmful additive contamination. Then, virgin oil which is extracted from fresh coconut not refined from dried coconut that is bleached and chemically processed. Finally, fair trade where the local farmers are fairly compensated and ethically treated.

So get your Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and try it in some of the multiple uses below:

  • stir fry or sautés
  • butter or lard replacement in baking and cooking
  • mixed in coffee
  • spread on toast (sprinkle with cinnamon)
  • flavor soups, try Thai Noodle Coconut Soup
Personal Care –
  • hair conditioner
  • oil pulling
  • skin moisturizer
  • makeup remover
  • base (carrier) oil for many DIY care remedies
Health –
  • energy booster supplement
  • salve on skin injury
  • sore throat relief
  • lice treatment
  • vapor rub (with peppermint essential oil)
Pet Care –                                      dog.cat_.hug_
  • moisturize chapped nose
  • dog food supplement for itchy skin
  • reduce cat hair balls
  • dog treats ingredient
  • soothe cracked paws
Home Maintenance –
  • wood polish
  • leather polish
  • season cast iron
  • condition cutting board
  • rust removal

For 107 Coconut Oil Uses go to the Everyday Roots Book

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