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Captive Or Starving: What Can You Do To Shift These Results?

We are all part of this planet so here are ways we help it thrive?

Read through the polar bear article/image and action suggestions that follow.  Please share more ideas.

Whether or not everyone can agree on it, climate change is happening. According to NASA, the average global temperature has increased by over three degrees in the last hundred years. In addition, sea levels are up by over an inch, while overall precipitation has increased by eight inches. These rapid changes spell bad news for every living thing on the planet, but particularly for the Polar Bear. These animals are native to the arctic circle, where they have evolved to roam large sheets of ice, hunting the seals that also make their homes here. However, due to the rapid increase in ocean temperatures, the ice sheets are melting at the rate of 8.6 million acres per year, creating major changes in the polar bear’s natural habit.

While the governments of the world bicker about the causes of this situation, the glaciers are melting, fast. This means a change in the migration patterns of the seals, which forces the bears to journey far and wide looking for food, or to starve trying. Some bears are trying to adapt by swimming miles, sometimes for days on end looking for the seals. While others are adapting by feeding on new food sources. There have been recent reports of bears raiding dumpsters and even eating dolphins, who have also been forced into new migration patterns by changing water temperatures.

None of these animals understands that its habitat is disappearing. They don’t know why this is happening, or what to do about it. They only know that they are hungry and trying to feed themselves and their babies in the best way that they can. These bears are apex predators. Most of them have never even seen a human, yet they are becoming the poster children of global warming, victims of human offenses a whole world away. By now, we are all familiar with the idea that Polar Bears are disappearing, but a recent image from Kerstin Langenberger Photography of an emaciated bear in the Arctic solidifies what exactly this means:  ….

Sad Photo Shows The Future Of Polar Bears

Image source: Kerstin Langenberger Photography/Facebook

For the full article see One Green Planet

What Can You Do About It?

Seeing this staving polar bear image was really tough. Initially it squeezed my heart hard enough to ask myself, “Are they better off in a zoo?” Then ask, “What can I do about it?” Well it turns out there is lots we each can do. We have all heard about reducing our carbon footprint but what does THAT really mean? No one government, industry or organization is going to agree on the causes of climate change or the corrective actions we should do so my advice is take control of your own part it.

One major action you can take is a plant-based diet which uses significantly less land and water resources than the industrial animal product industry. Plant-based food production also has much less output of greenhouse gas emissions, pollution of air and water, deforestation and erosion problems, compared to the industrial animal product industry.

Another step to reducing your carbon footprint is to know what it is. Find out what your footprint is by reviewing The Nature Conservancy’s Carbon Footprint Calculator then make a few small adjustments in your lifestyle and home.  A little can go a long way in the health of our one planet!

Thank you for taking efforts!!


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