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Delicious Dozen Vegan Eats Not in CA or NY

Vegan restaurants are spreading  inland across the country outside of CA and NY.

When traveling I usually assume I can find vegan restaurants in the coastal metropolitan states like California, the Pacific Northwest, and New York.  At times I am quite sad to have to settle for what ever is available when I am outside of those areas.

But times are a changing!  Here are a few more wonderful vegan restaurants in places you might not expect. It seems as more people choose to eat vegan the market is expanding to fill the need.  And… the creative colorful varieties in food options can blow your mind.  Take your appetite on a road trip!

Check out this list and share others with us.

1. Elizabeth’s Gone Raw

Elizabeth's Gone Raw

Where: Washington D.C.
What To Order: Rotating tasting menu, but the Turmeric Saffron Risotto is extra drool-worthy.


2. Vegeria


Where: San Antonio, Texas
What To Order: Sweet Potato Sundried Tomato Enchiladas with Sunflower Cream


3. Plant

Plant Cafe

Where: Asheville, North Carolina
What To Order: The coconut cornbread with grilled baby green onions, sauce romesco and hazelnuts.


4. Vedge


Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
What To Order: The Asparagus Crepe


5. Watercourse Foods

Watercourse Foods

Where: Denver, Colorado
What To Order: Cauliflower wings


6. Café Gratitude

Cafe Gratitude1 Cafe Gratitude2

Where: Kansas City, Missouri
What To Order: The Liberated: Kelp noodle pasta with walnut pesto, tomatoes, and almond parmesan.


7. Three Carrots

Three Carrots Cafe

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana
What To Order: The Thai Seitan Salad


8. Buds


Where: Salt Lake City, Utah
What To Order: The Barbacoa sandwich, with chipotle BBQ’d jackfruit, black beans and guac on a sourdough hoagie.


9. Veggie Galaxy

Veggie Galaxy

Where: Cambridge, Massachusetts
What To Order: Build your own black bean or mushroom-chickpea burger with fresh and creative toppings, like corn & apple salsa, red pepper purée, or corned beef seitan.


10. Fruitive


Where: Virginia Beach, Virginia
What To Order: The Harvest Salad Steamer, which is like part salad, part soup.


11. The Cheeze Factory

The Cheeze Factory

Where: Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
What To Order: The Tropical Chimichanga


12. Raw

Raw Cafe

Where: Chicago, Illinois
What To Order: Chili Croquettes