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Hip-Hop Mogul Russell Simmons Is Still At It


Where does all his energy come from? Here is an interview that answers that and shares one of his most recent project “The Happy Vegan” book.

Russell Simmons is famous for being a hip-hop music industry mogul. He is also involved is many other entrepreneurial activities and projects in fashion, media, financial services, music, education and “peacekeeper” programs in inter-cities, charities, etc. He credits his success to being involved in yoga, meditation and a vegan diet.

This three time New York Best Seller’s newest book, “The Happy Vegan” focuses on being a guide to moving toward a vegan diet that can lead to having a successful and purposeful life.

Simmon’s previous best-seller “Success Through Stillness” focuses on how meditation can lead to inner peace and life success. So “The Happy Vegan” expanses this concept into a fuller consciousness of choices.  He sites many sources of documentation of experiences and scientific research.

Read through the interview and watch the video below. Share what you think and feel.

Question: Why did you go vegan?

Russell Simmons:

I began my journey to a vegan lifestyle back in the mid ’90s. My friend, the great photographer Glen E. Friedman, had been pestering me to watch Diet for a New America for years. … I finally gave in and watched it. When I saw all the middle-aged men dropping dead after eating a hamburger, I saw my future. When I saw how the animals were being abused, and how factory farming was destroying the environment, I felt sick to my stomach. When the film was over, I looked at Glen and said, “I ain’t eating this @#$%&! anymore.”

Q: What were the changes you experienced after becoming vegan?

RS: I felt incredible. Still do. On a physical level, I stopped getting tired after meals, especially lunch. My workdays become much more productive. My focus became sharper. My stamina increased. … I also lost a lot of weight, but that was almost an afterthought. The increase in energy and vitality was what really stood out to me.

And on a spiritual level, I just feel better knowing I’m not contributing to the biggest karmic disaster in the world today, which is the suffering and violent deaths of billions of farm animals. … I feel like I’m part of the solution, instead of part of the problem.

Q: What was writing “The Happy Vegan” inspiration for you?

RS: …There is a disease epidemic going on in the country, especially among African-Americans, that is directly connected to their diet. We believe that eating meat is a fundamental part of who we are as Americans, even though it’s plainly killing us. I want people to understand that isn’t even accurate… these heaping plates of fried meat are not part of your historical tradition; they’re just a trap that Americans have fallen into.

And then I want people to understand that when you stop supporting the terrible suffering caused by the meat and diary industries, you will feel better about yourself. Not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. You don’t realize how sick all this suffering is making you until you step away from it.


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Q: What changes have you seen with your family & friends since your change to vegan? 

RS: My niece Angela Simmons came to me a few years back with a lot of questions. We talked about it, and she’s since become a vegetarian. She looks and feels incredible and attributes a lot of that to her diet.

On the other hand, her dad (my brother Rev Run) won’t make the change, …One of the reasons I wanted to write this was to help people see that vegans aren’t so judgmental. …

Q: Do you think your diet helps you with your crazy busy schedule?

RS: I know it’s true. …I would have fallen apart years ago if I hadn’t changed my lifestyle. For me, my lifestyle has three fundamental components: eating exclusively plants, meditating, and practicing yoga. …

Q: What do you want people to get from The Happy Vegan>”?

RS: I want people to understand that they do control their own fate. Stop thinking if you get cancer or heart disease or a stroke it’s because of “bad genes.” You control your health. …

I call the book The Happy Vegan because that’s what I am—happy! I love my life. I love every single day that I’m on this earth. I want other people to feel that same …

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