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“Meat Free Monday, It’s a Fun Day…”

Paul McCartney is still composing catchy chorus lyrics.   Song “Meat Free Monday” adds a message to the campaign.

When people started asking “How can I help the planet?”  Sir Paul McCartney of the Beetles, has an answer.  He didn’t start the “Meat Free Mondays” campaign but is definitely encouraging participation with their website 

The website’s aim is to raise awareness of the environmental impacts of eating meat as well as benefits for your health, your budget, increase compassion for animals and species extinction, and decrease world hunger.  The site has ideas on getting involved, why get involved, and favorite recipes.

As the website says, “One day a week can make a world of difference.”

Watch this first video to hear the catchy song.

Watch this second video to hear Paul McCartney’s message for Meat Free Mondays.

McCartney Family Recipes