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Mexico vs. GMO: Can They Win With Over 93 Appeals

How much longer can Mexico hold out on GMO crop plantings waiting for the final appeal?

Mexico prides itself in being a very diverse country agriculturally, historically, biodiversely, etc. and they are fighting to keep it that way. Currently the multinational GMO companies cannot plant corn (maize) until the judicial rulings are final, so the appeals go on as do the protests.

The United States government agencies have ruled GMO crops can be planted and eaten until they are proven to be unsafe.  Mexico is approaching the issue with more protective caution understanding that once the GMO crops are planted there is no undoing the damage caused by the supposedly unknown potential damaging results.  Can we learn from Mexico’s GMO approach?

Read this through and share what you think.  mexico-corn-sign

Opponents of growing genetically modified corn in Mexico, the country known for over 30 varieties of non-GM maize, have prevailed. A federal judge upheld a GM ban that was put in place years ago.

… if GM corn had not been banned, corn developed over thousands of years would be in jeopardy of cross-pollination.

Fortunately, federal judge Benjamin Soto Sánchez, head of the second Unitarian Court in Civil and Administrative Matters of the First Circuit, upheld the provisional suspension that prohibits pertinent federal agencies from processing and granting the privilege of sowing or releasing into Mexico’s ecosystem any transgenic maize.

The federal suspension has been active since September 2013 despite 100 challenges by transnational agribusinesses like Monsanto, as well as biotech interests and the federal government.

…. René Sánchez Galindo, lawyer for the Colectiva, explained that:

“Judge Soto’s resolution means the confirmation of suspending the planting of genetically modified corn stands until the court decides the ultimate appeal.”Galindo further articulated that court should consider all previously supported facts about growing GMO “since the damage would be irreversible if transgenic crops were sown.”

…. The group working to keep the GM maize ban, Acción Colectiva, … to protect Mexico’s status as a major world center of food crop biodiversity and as the birthplace of the original varieties of maize.


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