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Trick or Treat! Check Out These Healthier Halloween Treats

Wary of handing out fun-size candies that are pumped full of processed sugar?

Candies made of processed sugars don’t have to be the only thing handed out to the trick-or-treaters that ring your doorbell or come to your Halloween party? Don’t be a monster neighbor—go with these healthier, but equally good, treats this Halloween.

There are many non-candy options or even non-food options. See the lists below:

Non-Candy Treats Non-Food Treats
(individual packages) pencils
cheese sticks pens
mini carrots crayons
pretzels toothbrush
fruits: apple, tangerines, etc. themed erasers
nuts whistle
dry fruits, fruit rolls party toys

BUT …. While we all know loading up on sugar isn’t the best idea, you still don’t want to disappoint any of those adorable witches, precious ghosts, or tiny little firemen. No one wants to have a Halloween like poor Linus in It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, after all.

Thankfully, Thrive Market offers plenty of options for safely indulging your sweet tooth on All Hallows Eve and keep the hoards of trick-or-treaters happy—no matter your dietary preference.

If you’re vegan, never fear—there are plenty of dairy-free options for you! If you love a creamy treat, try Cocomel’s coconut milk caramels. Oprah called them “transcendental,” after all. If you’d rather grab something with a little tang, these Surf Sweets sour worms will definitely make you pucker up.

If you’re gluten-free, you need to beware of many mass-market candies. Trace amounts of wheat often hide in many, including candy corn and licorice. And lots of kids with a gluten intolerance need to worry about cross-contamination, which many candy manufacturers can’t guarantee. Rest assured that you can find plenty of certified gluten-free options on this market place, including fun bubblegum lollipops.

If you only eat organic, make sure your sweets are just as pesticide-free as your fruits and vegetables. Choco chews are basically the organic version of Tootsie Rolls, a classic of the candy aisle. And you can’t go wrong with organic lollipops or fruity hard candies.

OR …. If all you really want come October 31 is some pumpkin goodness, this market has you covered there, too. From plain old pumpkin puree, to pumpkin muffin mix, to pumpkin seeds, to irresistible pumpkin spice kettle corn, they really do offer everything pumpkin.

Have your happiest (and healthiest) Halloween yet with this selection of alternative goodies—all for 25 to 50 percent off at Thrive Market.

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