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Watch What Happens When Heros Save Animals From Labs

Can you imagine an animal that does not know how to react to grass in the outside world?

Some would call them heroes and I would agree. Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary acted quickly to save several animals that were being used for cruel chemical testing.

With the chemical engineering knowledge and lab simulation capabilities that are available today there really is no reason to continue the practice of testing products on animals.  Besides there are so many safe cosmetics today that there is no longer any need to buy products from companies that continue this inhumane dated practice.

Watch this video to see the test bunnies learn to be free bunnies and read the article below for details of their lives. Share your thoughts.

…. and just 48 hours to get them out of there, we knew we had to act quickly.

Covered in puncture wounds, tumors, and missing large chunks of fur across their little white bodies, the rabbits were absolutely petrified.

They had spent their entire lives living in hell. Born and raised at a breeding facility, they were confined to tiny cramped wire mesh cages, and kept in the pitch black. When ready they were shipped off to whatever testing facility needed them, … they remained isolated and alone in yet another cage, …

… the rabbits were rescued in the nick of time, and after a long drive through the night, they were finally back here with us at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary.

…. The outside world was completely new to them. They spent the entire afternoon exploring everything with intrigue and excitement, nibbling on fresh grass, scratching against trees and digging at the earth. bunny.sheep

…. their new home is that the land spans over a bank where the bunnies have built themselves a huge burrow which starts inside the sheep barn. Their burrow is their favorite place to spend time during the day before retreating into their house at night along with the hens.

Hundreds of thousands of animals are poisoned, blinded, and killed every year for animal testing, mostly for the cosmetics industry. These animals have chemicals and creams rubbed on to their delicate skin and eyes, and are locked into restraints that prevent them from moving.

…. If you do not believe in animal exploitation then the only answer is strive for a cruelty-free lifestyle. By choosing cruelty-free, you are standing against this violence….

These rabbits who are now living happy and free at our sanctuary they are just a few out of millions who are suffering in labs every day. No living creature should ever have to suffer for the sake of our beauty.

For a cosmetic consumer guide go to EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics database.