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What Every Great Vegan Soup Should Start With


Omnivores rave about bone broth to start soups but, vegans don’t despair what follows is an excellent equivalent for the best flavored vegan soups base.

Sure you can buy vegetable stock in a can or box at the grocery but the taste is usually pretty bland and very salty. The simplest way to start a vegan soup is with water BUT if you are searching for deep hearty flavors while saving money make your own simple vegan stock. This article will be using broth and stock interchangeably because the difference is in reference to bones versus meat and neither apply for vegan stock so call this tan brownish liquid soup starter what you wish.

Our favorite way to make broth is to start a “broth bag” in the freezer each week. This special broth bag collects all the vegetable bits that are cut off during the week of vegan meal prep. Our broth bag (about a gallon size zip) will typically contain: carrot tips & tops, celery cuts, herb stem snips, broccoli stocks or skins, cauliflower leaves, onions skins and tails, garlic skins, asparagus bottoms, squash peel and seeds, zucchini stems, tomato tops, greens stem tips, etc. you get the idea.  Beware: Red beet roots usually turns the broth a beautiful magenta color.  No rotten or moldy bits, those go in the compost bin.

Here we go to make your own Vegetable stock.  Share what you think.  veg-broth-pot

Broth Bag Stock Directions:
  • Place broth bags (2-3) contents into a deep Stockpot,
  • cover with contents plus about 2 inches more with water,
  • bring to a boil,
  • reduce heat to let simmer gently until veggies are mushy (45 – 60 minutes),
  • turn off and let cool (about 1 hour) to safely process.

For clearer stock Strainer off the stewed veggies.

For thicker heartier stock run the stewed veggies through a Food Mill.

Store the broth in Jars in the fridge (about 1 week) or in 4 cup freezer bags/containers for later use.

Broth Use TIPS:
  • Use in oil-free sauté and stir fry
  • Use as liquid for cooking whole grains (rice, grits, kamut, quinoa, etc.)
  • To thicken veggie broth even more:  1.) add a bit of corn starch or arrowroot to the recipe; 2.) over cook some potatoes or legumes, puree, and add to the soup/stew pot.
  • Most soups use 4 – 8 cups of stock.

No Broth Bag? No problem! Make a broth with this simple recipe:

Hearty Vegetable Stock (Vegan)                           veg-broth-recipe-pot


Recipes to try your broth in: 7 Winter Warming Soup Recipes


Featured Image     Image: Broth Bag Pot