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What Is The Best Way To Prepare Sweet Potatoes? [VIDEO]

Did you know cooking methods of baking, steaming, boiling, roasting, and microwaving can each have effects on the nutritional value of food?

Sweet potatoes are loaded with carotenoids which are their antioxidant power.  Antioxidants protect cells from damage by free radicals.  Damaged cells can be the start of cancers.  Thus antioxidants can protect from cancers.

The more yellow or orange color a sweet potato is the higher its carotenoid content.  Sweet potatoes come in color varieties of white, yellow, orange, pink and purple.  They all have lots of vitamin A with the purple sweet potato having the most antioxidant properties (even much more than blueberries).

When cooking sweet potatoes definitely leave on the skins as they contain 10 times more antioxidant properties than the potato flesh.  Some cooking methods reduce the nutritional benefits causing a huge drop in the antioxidant and vitamin A available for absorption.  Cooking methods can also change the glycemic index levels.

If you are interested in cooking method comparisons watch this video.  OR … scroll to the end.


“Which ever way gets you to eat the most of them.”

Seriously :

Best nutritional benefit cooking method is… Boiling with the skins on.

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